Play Online with your Grandchildren

Play Online Games With Your Grandchildren!

  • Wizard101 is a free online multiplayer Wizard school adventure game that is fun for the whole family!
  • You can play Wizard101 with your family no matter where they live!
  • Wizard101 is easy to understand but hard to stop playing. There are different levels and challenges for people of all ages.
  • Create your own Wizard and explore magical worlds!
  • Digital Grandparent says Wizard101 delights people from pre-readers to post-retirement and everything in between.

Wizard101 is free to play, so spending time connecting with your grandchildren over something they love to play doesn’t cost you anything! You can subscribe you and your grandchildren to explore other worlds after you complete Wizard City. You can even buy gift certificates for holidays and birthdays so you and your grandchildren never have to stop exploring the magical worlds of Wizard101!

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